Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP

offers its diverse clientele a broad range of legal services. We are proud to include on our client list both individuals and commercial clients, ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations.

Our Corporate and Commercial Group and our Real Estate Group bring the judgment and experience of many years to a full range of real estate and commercial transactions, from the smallest to the largest.
Our Litigation Group provides legal counsel and representation on various litigation matters, including corporate and commercial disputes, wrongful dismissal litigation, family law litigation, personal injury litigation, health discipline matters, construction litigation, criminal defense and estate litigation. We have extensive experience with both mediation and court based resolutions.
Family Law matters are handled with economy and discretion, generally resulting in negotiated settlements. If early settlement is not possible, our experienced lawyers provide strong representation at all levels of court.
Our Intellectual Property Group will assist you with your trademark and branding strategies, secure your trademarks, and ensure that your marks are not being diluted or infringed upon. We represent numerous trade mark and brand portfolios in Canada, the United States and overseas.
Our Health Law Group has over 30 years of experience acting for and on behalf of many of Ontario’s independent pharmacies and pharmacists. We also have many years of experience acting on behalf of physicians and dentists on a wide variety of issues including the purchase and sale of dental practices, incorporation of Professional Corporations and assisting with other legal issues that may arise.
Our firm also has extensive experience in the areas of Wills, Estate Planning and Estates Administration. Our Tax Group provides tax advice to individuals and businesses on a variety of tax matters.