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Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLPTaras Kulish

Practice Areas: Business Formation and Acquisition, IP Litigation, Trade Mark Law and Copyright Law, Charity/Not-for-Profit

Law School: University of McGill

Bar Admission: Quebec, 1991; Ontario, 1993; New York, 1997

Email: tkulish@sthilaw.com

Taras Kulish

Taras is the chair of the STHI Law Intellectual Property and Charity/Not-for-Profit groups and is a Senior Associate in Corporate-Commercial. His practice focuses on servicing the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and Canadian charities. As a Trade Mark Agent registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Taras places special emphasis on branding and securing and protecting clients’ intellectual property assets.

Some of Taras’ recent files include:

  • The prosecution in Federal Court and negotiating, at a judicially mandated settlement conference, a highly favourable six figure outcome for a key manufacturing client against a multinational food conglomerate based in Europe.
  • The successful prosecution of numerous trade mark applications in the face of “descriptive refusals” by Examiners at the TMO. Negotiation, purchase and/or sale of pharmacies.
  • Obtaining injunctions for Canadian companies to stop foreign importers from trade mark “passing off” and infringement of copyright Pursuing complicated applications for charitable status before the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Incorporating and advising Not for Profit organizations
  • Advancing companies’ worldwide branding strategies through applications before CIPO, USPTO and WIPO

Taras specializes in intellectual property. He focuses on trade-mark applications and prosecutions for manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages, and other manufacturing and service companies. Taras uses his 20 plus years of experience in this area to arrive at creative solutions when companies find that their brands are being copied or infringed. He has specific expertise in obtaining injunctions, civil search orders (Anton Piller Orders) and mediating settlements of complicated trade-mark passing off issues.

Taras recently lived for three years in Switzerland while serving the needs of the clients of STHI Law in Canada. Taras developed special business, legal, professional and sports related relationships throughout Europe and regularly serves the needs of international clients with Canadian interests.

Taras is fluent in both English and French, and serves the community by acting as the International Relations Officer of the Canadian branch of HOPE Worldwide, an international charity recognized by the United Nations.

Connect with Taras through LinkedIn: //ca.linkedin.com/pub/taras-kulish/4/53/5a2

Stay in touch with the news Taras thinks is interesting: //www.facebook.com/TarasKulishSMHI

Taras in the News:

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Kulish: CRA charity suspension, fine ‘a warning shot’

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KitKat loses latest battle in the chocolate trademark wars

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Bricks and mortar store not necessary for trademark protection

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CRA limit on charities’ political spending found unconstitutional

An Ontario Superior Court decision removing limitations on the “non-partisan” political activities of charities is a “game changer,”……… Read more →

Design students learn value of branding

Lawyers can help make the law more accessible to future generations by presenting to high school students, Toronto intellectual property lawyer……… Read more →

Local group seeks intervenor status to stop sale of campground

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Trademark issues remain as cannabis legalization approaches

The federal government was right not to rush the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish tells AdvocateDaily.com. ……… Read more →

Remaining CRA compliant crucial for charities, not-for-profits

it’s important to get the initial application for a charity or non-profit status right but it’s even more critical to remain compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules or risk revocation, Toronto charity and not-for-profit ……… Read more →

League agrees to quit Humboldt Broncos trademark bid

It’s good news that the faceoff between the Humboldt Broncos and the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) in the wake of the fatal bus tragedy is in the process of being resolved, Toronto IP and charity lawyer Taras Kulish……… Read more →

Protecting your brand against ‘passing off’

Situations where an individual or company attempts to take the goodwill of a famous brand by ‘passing off’ can be harmful to a well-established reputation……… Read more →

WIPO ADR services underused in Canada

The arbitration and mediation services offered by the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO) are underused by Canadian lawyers, says IP and charity lawyer Taras Kulish……… Read more →

Charity forum provides assistance on good governance

charity law is growing in importance as an increasing number of people volunteer and serve their communities, but it’s important for those involved to be aware of liability and governance issues…..… Read more →

Enforcing taco trademark could become a ‘marketing fail’

The well-known term ‘Taco Tuesday’ is merely descriptive and there could be an argument made that it should never have been registered as a trademark…..… Read more →

Taco Time may be biting off more than it can chew in trademark spat: lawyers

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Cast wide net when conducting incorporation name searches

lawyers for entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to incorporate must look further than their client’s own backyards to ensure the proposed name isn’t already taken ….… Read more →

Ukraine ripe for Canadian business expansion

Businesses seeking to expand into Europe should look at opportunities afforded by Canada’s special relationship with Ukraine, says Toronto charities and intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish….… Read more →

CRA’s new Charities Education Program should be a step forward: Kulish

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) new Charities Education Program (CEP) should be a step forward, says Toronto charities lawyer Taras Kulish…… Read more →

In a media-driven world, image has a price tag

Cocaine baron Pablo Escobar, boxing icon Muhammad Ali and film director Woody Allen seem like an incongruent group but there is a strong legal connection, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish..… Read more →

Ethnocultural agencies often trip over charities law

Ethnic and cultural charities are full of good intentions but often fail to understand the law, says Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish.… Read more →

Ukraine eager to explore and learn from Canadian legal standards

Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish believes there’s a grassroots movement in Ukraine eager to adopt a Canadian-like system of law to fight back against what’s perceived by the general population to be widespread corruption, especially in the charities sector.… Read more →

Charities must protect themselves from unwitting terrorist links

Charities working abroad must ensure they’re connecting with bona fide organizations that aren’t involved in corrupt activities, including terrorism, Toronto charity lawyer Taras Kulish… Read more →

Pee wee baseball team called out on trademark catch

A manufacturer’s balk at printing pee wee baseball uniforms with their name, “The 6” raises some unique questions around how trademark law is interpreted… Read more →

Trademark registration process starts with research

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Cartoon character copyright no laughing matter

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Canada is out of step on copyright protection

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Charities must follow the law as written

Charities operating on political campaign promises and not following the law as written are making a grave mistake which could cost them their registration… Read more →

Ontario stalls while charities are left hanging

It’s been six years since legislation was passed to update the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) and charities have been left hanging … Read more →

Kulish provides design primer on branding trends

Companies must take a lesson from the history of design if they want to excel in social media branding … Read more →

Canadian trademark, patent regulations going international

Proposed changes to Canadian trademark and patent laws, to bring them in line with international treaties, will be beneficial going forward … Read more →

Canada-Switzerland trade ties boast growth potential

The free trade agreement between Canada and a number of European countries, including Switzerland (C-EFTA) is important for bilateral trade … Read more →

Flower patent raises thorny legal issues

A U.S. lawsuit over the intellectual property rights accorded to flower breeders raises some interesting questions over how those rights are conferred … Read more →

Lucasfilm uses the force to stop TO lightsabre battles

The transformation of a Star Wars-themed lightsaber battle shows charitable motivations won’t insulate organizers from trademark enforcement … Read more →

Battle of the ‘moose’ trademarks

While there is a fight brewing between Moosehead Breweries and District Brewery over the name of a flagship beer, Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish says there could be another dog — or in this case, moose — in the fight … Read more →

‘Tis the season to research your charity

With an estimated 60 per cent of Canadians expected to give to various charities this holiday season, Toronto charity/not-for-profit lawyer Taras Kulish says it’s crucial to “know your charity” before donating. … Read more

Charities must be vigilant to protect their brand

The recent action in which the Canada Revenue Agency sought to deregister a charity over mixing of personal and corporate funds is a clear example … Read more →

Trademarks and the chocolate wars

When I lived for three years on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland with my family from 2011 to 2014, our favourite pastime was visiting the Cailler chocolate factory … Read more →

Fall CPD event to discuss judicial reform, Ukraine-Canada free trade

On Nov. 17, the Ukrainian Canadian Bar Association (UCBA) will hold its fall CPD event in Toronto, featuring presentations from expert speakers on topics such as judicial reform and free trade … Read more →

Due diligence key when bringing s. 45 application

Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish says when faced with two confusing or similar trademarks, due diligence and preliminary searching goes a long way … Read more →

ONCA delay provides ‘golden opportunity’ to Ontario non-profits

A further two-year delay in updating Ontario’s Not-For-Profit Corporations Act is a “golden opportunity” for organizations to take a good long look at their structure in preparation for inevitable change … Read more →

Quebec’s language rules to supplement Best Buy decision

Although major retailers won a court battle in April allowing them to keep their English names in Quebec, news that the government will “tighten” the Charter of the French Language by implementing new regulations … Read more →

A charitable donation as part of a settlement creates goodwill

Toronto intellectual property and charity/not-for-profit lawyer Taras Kulish says that negotiating a charitable donation as part of a settlement in an intellectual … Read more →

Kulish provides legal expertise and a ‘Helping Hand’

Toronto lawyer Taras Kulish has a passion for international humanitarian work, which he says helps him better assist his charity and not-for-profit clients … Read more →

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